Product Design and International Development


Rua Design carries out research, and provides information about the subject of product design in international development. This page contains a study on product design in development, and links related to the subject.

Map of the world in relief for project for partially sighted.Paper:

An examination of product design in both industrialised
and developing countries. Tony Murray, 1996/2005-2007


  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions of R&D, Innovation, New Product Development and Design
  3. Product Design, Innovation and Competitiveness
  4. Design, Competitiveness and Developing Countries
  5. Human Resources for Design
  6. The Design Process
  7. Product Design and Appropriate Technology
  8. Product Design, Industrialisation and the Environment

The full paper is also available for download in PDF format

Bibliography on product design and development:


Open Structures:

DIY designs by Jesse Howard: (Wired article, September 2013)



Organisations that are working in the field of product design in developing countries:



Websites - sustainability:

  • What design can do conference
  • The Centre for Sustainable Design
  • Reverse Garbage
    An interesting Australian organisation that promotes creative resource re-use of industrial and commercial off-cuts and over-runs, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill
  • Ecofys
    A company, based in Utrecht, specialised in sustainable energy and climate issues.

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