Website design

Samples of Rua Design website design work

Rua Design provides the following website design and development services:

  • Planning a website - alignment with an organization's communication strategy
  • Advice regarding hosting and naming
  • Determining main sections and content:
    • what does the organization wish to communicate?
    • what materials are available and suited to the web?
    • what do visitors want from your website?
    • how can available materials match organization's goals and visitors' expectations?
  • How will the website be maintained and developed in the future?
  • Adherence to standards ( Coding standards
  • Use of Stylesheets and Templates for modularity and portability
  • Use of databases and content management system principles
  • Website building including text, templates, PDFs and other media
  • Publications and site content organisation
  • Website enhancement (print versions, search, site maps)


  • Website layout and design
  • Logos, photographs and graphics.

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Rua Design creates custom designs, and functionality for web-based applications including:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • PBwiki


Rua Design collaborates with a number of key partners in carrying out projects. These include:

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