About Rua Design


  • Rua Design was established in 2003, and has wide experience working with organizations and companies to establish and improve their web presence.
  • Rua Design is also involved in the related fields of Internet of Things (IoT), product design, sustainability and circular economy concepts. The product design page has a paper providing a conceputal analysis of product design and industrialization in Developing economies.
  • Rua Design's main developer is Tony Murray, and the company is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • The company regularly works along with other developers, programmers, website designers, and graphic designers, in teams, or through collaboration in order to achieve project goals.
At Web 2.0 conference in Rome 2008


  • Rua Design adopts a positive, co-operative and optimistic working ethos
  • The values and goals of our clients are shared: the overall purpose and strategy of projects is central
  • The visitors / 'end users' needs are a crucial starting point for a project
  • Design Thinking is a key driver - both in Website Design and Product Design
  • Rua Design is committed to positive social and technical development and goals in the context of sustainability and fairness
At Web 2.0 conference in Rome 2008