Advanced applications

RUFORUM Agricultural Higher Education Survey (survey is by invite)
A survey system was created to gather data on Agricultural Higher Education indicators in RUFORUM member universities across Africa. The survey included cross-validation of data (consistency between answers). The results can be downloaded in a standardized format (Spreadsheet/Excel) with columns for question, indicator code, year, university, value. The data is in a format compatible with the Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) data management standards.

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Wordpress publications/data plugin and sites

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) stores their publications and data resources in a data repository ( Rua Design created a Wordpress plugin based on the Wordpress Plugin Boilerplate - a standardized, organized, object-oriented foundation for building high-quality WordPress Plugins. The plugin enables publications and resources to be displayed on IFPRI's thematic websites.

IFPRI Ebrary - ORCiD integrator

ORCiD is a unique identifier intended to be used for author name disambiguation and for tracking research products. Millions of individuals along with over 500 funders, publishers, professional associations, universities, and research organizations have adopted the use of ORCiD. IFPRI is a member institution and assigns ORCiDs to our researchers who do not already have one. This application connects publications, both internal and external, from the IFPRI eBrary to ORCiD.

The application presents a list of author's professional publications (via IFPRI ebrary repository API). The list is compared to the author's list at ORCiD (via ORCiD API). Publications and papers that have not yet been posted to ORCiD can then be uploaded to the ORCiD system without having to re-type.

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Festival Q - a festival timetable and listing application
A conceptual website to provide user-friendly information before and during a music festival. In mobile view, switching to landscape orientation, switches the display from a listing to a timetable. The website applicaiton provides ability to pre-select artists of interest and to share preferences. The current selected day changes dynamically during the festival (i.e. on Saturday you see Saturday's listings). Artist info integrates with Spotify API and Wikipedia. The application is written mainly in Javascript.

Firefox Extension: Tagged Notes

Tagged Notes is a browser sidebar notes application with search, tagging, notes import and export. Having a note-taking application in the browser's sidebar is very useful when browsing the web - for example for learning or education/research. The extension is coded in Javascript with data storage in the browser for privacy and security.

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