Product Design

Rua Design works in the area of Product Design: including conceptual design, integration of products with the Internet (Internet of Things), Sustainability and the Circular Economy, and Product Design in International Development

  • Conceptual Design / Internet of Things
  • Circular Economy project
  • Timer project
  • Re-usable ipod Speakers project
  • Agri-related (NUIG)
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi
showing product prototype

Conceptual project to upcycle iPod Speakers into network audio players

Product Design and International Development

Rua Design carries out research, and provides information about the subject of product design in international development. This page contains a study on product design in development, and links related to the subject.

Paper: An examination of product design in both industrialised
and developing countries. Tony Murray, 1996/2005-2007

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions of R&D, Innovation, New Product Development and Design
  3. Product Design, Innovation and Competitiveness
  4. Design, Competitiveness and Developing Countries
  5. Human Resources for Design
  6. The Design Process
  7. Product Design and Appropriate Technology
  8. Product Design, Industrialisation and the Environment

The full paper is also available for download in PDF format

Bibliography related to the topics:
product design, industrialisation and development

Prodcut Design development/ sustainability:

Organisations that are working in the field of product design in developing countries:

Websites - sustainability:

Product Design Education

showing product prototype

Network audio player prototype circuit